English Writer

We are a US based company looking for someone who loves to write.

Your primary job will be creating content on various topics. You will be given a topic and write articles, press releases, create content pages, etc.

So, you will need to be able to research and learn new topics quickly, and write inteilligently about that topic.

If you don't like to write, this isn't the job for you.

English Writer Job Requirements

• For this position, we are seeking someone that is a skilled English writer. This is the primary requirement.
• You must be able to work full time, and be able to put in a full 8 hours. You will be submitting reports so we will be able to confirm your activity.
• You will be trained on how to use a certain piece of software. Your daily responsibilities will be to create content (this is where being a good English writer comes into play), and use the software to publish that content. The majority of your day will consist of using this software.
• You must be able to multi-task and mix it up. For example, you will have a daily set of duties when I don't assign certain tasks. However, I will assign various tasks in addition to your main job duty. For example, if I ask you to do something you will spend an hour or two on the task I assign, and the rest of the day doing your main job.
• You must be self-motivated and self-reliant. If I assign a task, you should be able to take minimal direction and run with it, and complete the task.
• Please only accept this job if you are looking for something that is long term. It takes a lot of time to work with you and train you, so we are looking for someone who is looking at the long term, not the short term.
We Really Want To Hire You If

• You have HMTL (and CSS, or other scripting knowledge) abilities.
• You have experience creating Squidoo pages, HUB pages, etc.
• You can install wordpress and configure the design
• Have FTP knowledge.

Date: 2 March 2009
City/Town: Nationwide
Location: Nationwide
Wage/Salary: $300 USD Per Month
Start: Immediate - Full Time
Duration: Long Term
Type: Full Time, Home Based
How to apply: E-Mail
Company: ReplaceMyself
Contact: Justin
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