Medical Transcriptionists

In search of 2 medical transcriptionists who will be responsible for transcribing for my company 5 days a week. Monthly salary of $400 per month or $20 per diem to start (not negotiable). Bonuses will be awarded depending on productivity and accuracy.

- Available either evening or night shift, Eastern Standard Time
- 80 WPM or higher (typing test will be given); able to produce no less than 1200 lines per shift
- High-speed internet required (no wireless, connection; will be tested at start of job and periodically throughout)
- Must have a PC with Windows XP or higher
- Microsoft office
- Must consistently meet deadlines
- Comfortable working in a deadline-driven environment
- Capable of recognizing ESL doctors
- Excellent command of English language, grammar (solid/superior editing and/or proofreading ability), and syntax (grammar test to be completed)
- Must have at least 2 years as a medical transcriptionist, no exceptions;
- Must have verifiable references
- Available for 8 hours daily
- Able to start immediately

Please note that this is NOT an entry-level position. New graduates or transcriptionists with less than 2 years experience need not apply.

Date: 18 April 2009
City/Town: Anywhere
Location: Abroad
Wage/Salary: $400/month or $20 per diem
Start: As soon as possible
Duration: Long-term
Type: Full Time, Home Based
How to apply: Please send resume and cover letter by e-mail, with your salary requirements.
Company: My Pen, My Vice (Vice Ink)
Contact: Nicole Palmer
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